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Pay freeze in Ofcom

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Ofcom has announced in a short statement that there will be no pay rise for its staff this year, while the members of its Executive Committee will not be considered for a bonus.

Firstly, the terms and conditions of Ofcom staff and their review from time to time are the business of Ofcom and its employees via their trade unions.

However, I did note from the justification cited by Ofcom in its Press Release that one of the factors in the decision is ‘the pressure on public finances’ and, associated with that, the need to reflect the circumstances of the ‘taxpayers who pay for the organisation’. At the same time, Ofcom perceives a need to pay attention to ‘the economic circumstances of the many companies within the communications sector where similar action on pay has been taken’.

Pay restraint, where it is to be exercised, should reflect the natural, internal, circumstances facing the organisation and any genuine difficulties it needs to confront. There should be no expectation that public sector employees need to take a lead in pay restraint at this time, or that their pay reviews must necessarily be influenced by the pay reviews in the sector they are responsible for regulating on the grounds that their wages are being paid by taxpayers themselves suffering a wage freeze.

Neither should public sector employees suffer from any fall-out over the current accusations against public figures.


Written by Calvin

20/05/2009 at 6:03 pm

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