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2009 pay in BT

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Connect has issued a statement on 2009 pay in BT.

After a series of meetings with the company we believe that some progress has been made albeit although, against the backdrop of the pressures on costs and jobs within the company, the company has continued to be unwilling to change its approach to the 2009 pay review, announced back in March. At the same time, given RPI and the impact of the recession, we believe that our members would expect Connect to focus on long term job security more than a single year’s pay review.

The elements of 2009 pay are as follows:

– recognition awards will be paid in June on the basis of performance against 2008/09 oblectives although the budget will not be the same as for bonuses in previous years and members in Global Services will not qualify. This situation we will return to in 2010

– discussions on equal pay will take place later in the year, with the company on record as wanting to maintain the progress made

– the starting pay on appointment rules have been suspended. We do expect very few promotions to occur, given the pressures on total labour costs, but will monitor this and will maintain our position of arguing that everyone in the Reward Framework should be paid at least the minimum of their role pay range

We have also stressed the importance of not storing up problems for the future. In particular, failure to pay market rates, paying below the pay range for the role or not closing the equal pay gap will need to be addressed if the Reward Framework is to be fit for purpose.

In these circumstances, our priority has been to protect jobs, a situation which stems from the scale of the challenges facing the company. We have strongly represented members’ concerns and will take account of anomalies arising from this year’s approach in subsequent discussions.


Written by Calvin

26/05/2009 at 5:38 pm

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