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Virgin Media to showcase the digital home

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Virgin Media has announced plans to showcase the digital home in a series of new retail openings up and down the country.

Virgin Media’s capacity for self-promotion is legendary but, cutting through the hype, its press release does have at its heart the interesting idea of setting up a series of exhibitions in retail areas about what the digital home might look like. Similar concepts have been trialled elsewhere, but largely for temporary, demonstration purposes to specialists than for ones of permanent exhibition open to consumers. Of course, the home showcases Virgin Media products – the company remains the only ‘quadruple play’ operator (broadband, TV, mobile and fixed line telephony) in the UK – but the concept of bringing content and technology to life for ordinary consumers is a naturally appealing one. It should also help provide something of a spur to the creative and technological sides of the industry.

Virgin Media currently has 27 own-branded shops, 7 of which are newly-opened (or about to be opened) and the company is expecting to have trebled its retail presence within a twelve month period.

Just hope that there is some space for some colour other than vivid red in that digital home environment…


Written by Calvin

02/06/2009 at 2:24 pm

Posted in Telecoms companies

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