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BT Sectional Conference – Tuesday

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Today at Conference…

Business debated and passed was as follows:

Report Amendment para 14 The relationship with BT (BT DP Cardiff)

Report Amendment paras 33-38 Managed exits (BT DP Cardiff)

BT 8 Managed exits (BT Retail IRC)

BT19 BT Global Services scorecard objectives 2009/10 (BT Global Services IRC; adopted by BT Thames & Wey Valley)

BT10 Performance management (BT Wessex)

BT11 BT levelling process (BT Global Services IRC)

BT12 Managing under performance (BT Wessex)

BT21 Performance management (BT DP Cardiff)

BT18 Global sourcing (BT Design IRC; adopted by BT Adastral Park A)

BT20 Job losses in Italy (BT Swindon)

Conference also went into informal session on performance management and managed exits.

Evidently, much of today’s discussion concerned the issue of how BT manages the performance of Connect members, with discontent at the ‘disgraceful, despicable’ course on which BT was headed. On a lighter note, Cassidy’s quip of the day concerned how BT had implemented a new system for managing performance which would be headed by the Managing Under Performance Performance Enhancing Team… Not quite a TLA, but an interesting acronym nonetheless.

Apart from a concern with issues internal to BT, Conference also managed to raise its head to discuss issues appropriate to global sourcing in a globalised environment, with concerns stemming from a recent BBC File On 4 programme; as well as compulsory redundancies in Italy (see separate post), where delegates commented that , ‘If BT think they get away with it in Italy, they may think they can get away with it elsewhere. It’s not a question of defending jobs here or there, but everywhere where they are under threat.’

The 2009 BT Sectional Conference closed with the adoption of the BT Committee’s report, as amended.


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