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Connect Biennial Conference – Thursday

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Today’s final day saw Conference carry the following items of business:

Prop 13 Employment blacklists (Greater London East & Essex)

Prop 14 YPN pensions campaign (Young Professionals Network)

Prop 15 Protecting final salary schemes (O2 South)

The Executive Council’s report to Conference was approved and two new Conference delegates (from the Young Professionals Network and from the Operate IRC) moved and seconded the traditional vote of thanks. Conference also spent some time in an informal Q&A on the next steps to be taken in the merger with Prospect.

The union now has a clear vision of its future, not only as regards where this lies as a result of the historic decision taken concerning the merger, but also about its programme for the next two years, until what will be the first biennial sectoral conference of the Connect IT and Telecoms sector of Prospect in 2011. Several themes will predominate in that programme including, amongst others, the abuse of performance management systems, the protection of final salary pensions and further work in organising workers right across the industry. Delegates left with a clearer understanding of what they need to do to fulfil their role in achieving the objectives of the union, as well as having achieved a resolution to the key issue of the merger which should help reps concentrate fully on the business of the union up to the merger and then afterwards.


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25/06/2009 at 5:49 pm

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