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Honduran telecom trade unionist killed by army truck

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A member of the Honduran telecom trade union has been run over and killed by an army truck while trying to block the military’s efforts to bring in private telecom workers to restore services. The worker is believed to be the first victim of the repression of strikers which has followed Sunday’s coup as the army has sought to restore order on the streets and defend its actions in removing President Manual Zelaya from power and sending him into exile. Attacks on media and journalists have also resulted from the coup, according to the International Federation of Journalists, as flagrant violations of press freedom and of freedom of expression have been the consequence of the political unrest despite media workers bravely refusing to allow the army to impose a news blackout.

The coup has been condemned by the world trade union organisation, the ITUC, for whom Guy Rider, General Secretary, said: ‘The ITUC fully supports its affiliates and the Honduran people in their actions to mark their rejection and condemnation of this overthrow of constitutional order.’ The Honduran trade union movement has been at the forefront of public activities denouncing the coup: union confederations CGT, CUT and CTH have all expressed their commitment to the poll and their support for the democratically-elected president, and have called for an indefinite general strike. Honduran trade union leaders have also pointed to lists being drawn up of the social and political leaders to be detained over their support for the poll: such a move could clearly result in serious repression of active trade unionists with consequences that are ‘unpredictable’.

Worrying times. Like all our colleagues in the international trade union movement, we stand beside our brothers and sisters in Honduras as they fight to preserve their democracy in conditions of brutality and threat, and pay tribute to the courage and resolution of people prepared to die, in circumstances in factories even prior to the coup, for their trade union beliefs.


Written by Calvin

02/07/2009 at 5:41 pm

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