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Fujitsu workers to take action on pensions?

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Workers at Fujitsu are being consulted over whether or not to take industrial action over a variety of changes to their terms and conditions of employment, chief among which is the closure of the company’s defined benefit pension scheme to future accrual.

From next month, around 4,000 Fujitsu workers (about one-third of the company’s UK workforce) will be re-engaged on new contracts of employment which do not contain membership of the defined benefit scheme. Fujitsu workers have already had a pay freeze this year while contractors have suffered a rate cut despite the company reported increasing profitability.

Unite, which is organising the consultative ballot and which says it has 2,000 members in Fujitsu, has vowed to offer support to members seeking to take action to preserve their pensions provision. Peter Skyte, the union’s national officer, said that the company, while being otherwise prepared constructively to consider alternative pensions options, was taking advantage of the recession to attack pay, pensions and conditions.


Written by Calvin

03/08/2009 at 4:14 pm

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