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Camera reunited with owner by Facebook

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A story is popping around about Facebook’s role in re-uniting a camera lost on holiday on Mykonos with its owner.

The finder, having failed to locate the owner by wandering around Mykonos’s chora, and attracted by the six degrees of separation theory, set up his own Facebook group (Needle in a Haystack) determined that, if all his contacts signed up all their contacts and all their contacts… the owner would eventually be found. Starting in mid-October from a membership of 40, the group grew to over 230,000 before its French owner was eventually found (though within how many degrees is not known) after a friend spotted himself in one of the pictures taken off the camera and posted on the group’s page.

It’s a sweet story – provided, of course, that the professions of those involved that this is a genuine story are accurate and this is not another balloon boy hoax – but perhaps most of all in that it demonstrates the power of the internet to shrink the world: an Australian man working on the UK music festival circuit over the summer finds a camera while holidaying on a Greek island and manages to locate its French owner currently working in London…


Written by Calvin

05/11/2009 at 12:40 pm

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