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EU telecoms reform package approved by Parliament

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The European Parliament has approved, by a strong majority across all party groupings, the conciliation procedure agreement reached earlier this month. The reforms will enter into force next month and, following transposition by individual member states, become law across the EU by June 2011.

The principles covered by the package of directives are many but are most recently summarised in the Commission’s press release welcoming Parliament’s vote (where there is also a specific link to the 12 most important of the reforms in the package).

UNI, which works on behalf of 20m workers in the industry worldwide, worked hard and with no little success to gain a union voice and perspective concerning the main provisions of the package and their impact on workers’ rights. It has also welcomed the vote regarding the importance of investment in high-speed broadband services as a major factor in economic growth and employment, not least in a time of recession – as indeed does Connect. Nevertheless, now that the package is in place and regulatory certainty a little more established thereby, it is imperative that European countries and telecoms companies do indeed move swiftly so that its potential benefits as regards investment and jobs can be realised.


Written by Calvin

25/11/2009 at 7:17 pm

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