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YouTube future under threat

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Campaigners were calling last night for YouTube, a popular internet channel, to be closed down after it was claimed that it was implicated in instances of copycat drinking.

The claims arose as sales of Buckfast tonic wine rose by 40% in the last year despite its makers – a community of monks at Buckfast Abbey – having no advertising budget following their preference for a ‘reserved promotional approach‘. Buckfast, known as ‘Buckie’ amongst Glasgow neds amongst whom it has a reputation as ‘commotion lotion’, is now the biggest selling fortified wine in the UK.

Campaigners highlighting the rapid growth in sales despite the lack of marketing of the product pointed to the role of YouTube in spreading the word about the properties of the drink given its hosting of videos highlighting consumption. Earlier this year, Buckie was implicated in the rise of anti-social behaviour in the Strathclyde area.

YouTube could not be contacted for comment, but was believed to be checking with its lawyers over whether the videos of neds supping the drink need to be removed. YouTube is believed to be increasingly concerned over its future as a result of this sort of reporting on the Digital Economy Bill.


Written by Calvin

11/03/2010 at 10:21 am

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