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Election 2010: use your vote

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Will Straw at Left Foot Forward has a fair review of the campaign. And his conclusion is impossible to ignore:

One thing is abundantly clear: whatever you do today, vote.

Not turning out to vote means that the votes of extremists count double. Committed extremists are certain to vote – don’t give them your vote too.

And from a trade union perspective, to add a section missing from Will’s round-up, honourable mentions to the Green Party manifesto (pp. 9-11) – but, of the major parties, only one is likely to have included this in their manifesto:

Modern trade unions are an important part of our society and economy, providing protection and advice for employees, and working for equality and greater fairness in the workplace. We welcome their positive role in encouraging partnership and productivity.


Written by Calvin

06/05/2010 at 12:57 pm

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