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BT wins MoD contract

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BT has won a five-year contract worth £99m to manage voice and data networks for the Ministry of Defence’s 197 military bases. The work is intended to help pave the way for the MoD’s long-term communications development programme by bringing a higher level of standardisation and predictability to the Ministry’s network.

Good news for a troubled company no doubt – and no doubt a sound initiative for a troubled MoD, too. But somewhat less welcome news for trade unionists is that, according to (limited viewing time; registration required), BT will be supported during the implementation of the project by Bailey Teswaine, the network infrastructure division of NG Bailey. NG Bailey was revealed by the Information Commissioner to be a client of trade union blacklister The Consulting Association (about which I blogged last week).

It’s not clear whether NG Bailey is one of the 17 firms with which the Information Commissioner is taking further action. Regardless, that it is a user of The Consulting Association at all brings a troubling aspect to news such as this – and not least to a telecoms trade union.


Written by Calvin

21/07/2009 at 1:37 pm

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  1. I was TUPE’d to NG Bailey from the MOD on october 2009, as soon as NG Bailey took over there higher management told us not to do anymore maintenance because if we did then we would’nt get any faults and no faults mean’t no money, this company has no interest in providing stability to the MOD’s comms network.
    In over 3 years we did absolutely no maintenace, they preferred to use the man power that would other wise be carring out maintenance to work on there other sites such as RBS and the police, NG Bailey is the worst thing to happen to the MOD, I was forced to leave after being threatened with redundancy repeatedly because I was un willing to break the terms of my contract, this is the reality of how NG Bailey are operating within the MOD contract and I would go as far to say they are stealing from the MOD.


    14/12/2013 at 5:35 pm

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