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This page is to introduce the blog for me, Calvin Allen. I’m a researcher with a UK trade union. Politically, I’m non-aligned but, with a lifelong involvement in working for trade union organisations, I’m interested in all issues affecting the labour movement.

On this site, I’ll be blogging about what I’m up to and on the run of issues within the world of work that concern the members and representatives of the union I work for. I’ll be writing about, and linking to, the things I come across on the web in the course of my job and briefly commenting on what I think they mean in terms of public policy both in general and also for the communications industry, where I have a particular specialism. You can expect to see stuff on pay and pensions, telecoms regulatory affairs and competition policy, the economic situation, telecoms companies, the future of jobs in the industry and other exciting bits and pieces like that. So, there won’t be too much on the personal side – but then the intention is not to blog about me and my interests but about my professional life.

Posts and comments on the blog are, however, my own observations and do not commit the union that I work for in any way.

The blog is aimed largely at members and reps of the union; it won’t repeat information provided directly in regular newsletters – although there may be some overlaps where there may be a wider level of interest in the issues raised. However, whether you’re in the union or not, you’re welcome here.


Written by Calvin

08/07/2009 at 1:24 pm

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